November 7, 2017

When buying a computer or laptop, should you buy a consumer model at a big box store? Or should you look at a business grade model?

Although to the naked eye, the specifications may sound similar, they actual are not the same computer.

Let’s look at these factors, and...

April 6, 2016

When purchasing a new computer or laptop, it is a good thing to understand what you are buying.


Sometimes when you are buying online without anyone to help you thorough the buying process, you may not understand what you are buying.


We recently had a customer buy a lap...

January 26, 2016

Keeping your computer clean is a very important task that is typically over looked by many computer owners.


Computers and laptops have many little areas where dust and debris can start filling up inside of your computer unit.


As the dust accumulates, the heat rises ins...

January 5, 2016



Over the past decade, technology has taken a huge advancement with Apple iPads, Google Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface, customizable eLearning, the list goes on.


Let’s take a visit back to 2003.


Online purchasing was starting to become a popular option: eBay...

December 10, 2015


Time. Couldn't we all use some more time do get more things done?


Many of us are very depended on our computers, and we spend a lot of time using them for everyday tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some shortcuts to help us save  time as we use our computers?


Like ev...

October 19, 2015


7 Ways to Help Speed up Your Computer


One of the biggest annoyances, besides viruses and things not working properly on a computer can be the speed. It can be downright frustrating, and some might even want to heave it through the picture window in the living room (b...

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July 5, 2015

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