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Sick of Popups/Adds

The internet has been evolving for many years now, and has become more and more commercial.

Does anyone really remember what the world wide web looked like 5-10 years ago?

I understand companies pay good money to advertise their products and services, but for me, I am personally tired of constantly seeing ads while checking email, watching YouTube videos or playing a "free game" on the internet.

I was extremely skeptical at first about this product, and it does not fix everything, but I’ve been using Ad Blocker Plus for over a week now, and I doubt I’ll ever browse without it.

I have not seen an ad watching a YouTube video, or noticed ads on the sides of the screen, and survey popups that take over the screen are gone. Even pop ups themselves are all but gone.

Now , if you require pop ups for certain pages, click the stop sign with ABP and disable Ad Blocker Plus for current site. If you refresh the page you’ll usually notice the difference right away.

There are some noticeable draw backs to using the program - some links are disabled while the program is active. Normally because they cause pop ups, but as noted, you can disable AD Blocker Plus, and then you can click on everything again.

If you are interested in trying out AGP check it out on their site:

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