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Consumer Grade Computer vs. Business Grade Computer

When buying a computer or laptop, should you buy a consumer model at a big box store? Or should you look at a business grade model?

Although to the naked eye, the specifications may sound similar, they actual are not the same computer.

Let’s look at these factors, and see if you would prefer a consumer grade vs. a business grade machine.

Determine how often you’ll be using the computer

Are you going to be on it all day? Traveling and taking the machine with you?

If the answer is no, then a consumer grade machine would be perfectly fine (Provided it has the appropriate resources for handling what you’ll be using it for).

Consumer grade machines typically cost less than a business grade. They are sold everywhere such as Walmart, Staples, Best Buy.

Lifetime value, reliability and durability

For more serious work, such as photo and video editing, extensive spreadsheet work, utilizing multiple programs at the same time – invest in a business class computer.

Business grade computers or laptops offer more value in the long run. They are built with higher quality parts and components, they are tested more rigorously vs. the consumer machine.

Parts used in a business grade machine include higher grade materials and name brand parts, where a consumer based machine may use more generic, cost-effective parts.

Having higher quality parts means you should have a more durable, longer lasting machine.

Higher Grade Features

Business lines typically offer fingerprint readers, encryption tools and more.

Some include double operating systems such as Windows 10 Professional with Downgrade Rights to Windows 7 professional (For those who don’t like the new operating system)

Typically, the business grade only has the core programs needed for an OS, and doesn’t include all of the bloatware/free trials of ad ridden games that bog down a consumer computer.

Service and Warranty

Consumer warranty typically is a one-year limited warranty. Some things may not be covered, even if you buy an extended warranty through the manufacture.

Business Machines typically are 3 years, with options for accidental coverage, next business day support. So, if your machine goes down, a part can be shipped to have it replaced by a technician and keep you up and running vs. sending it back to the manufacture.

In closing, if you are looking for a lower end cost effective solution, a consumer model might be all you’re looking for. These models typically run $300-$600.

But, if you’re looking for something that is going to be higher end and last you longer, and provide you the peace of mind you’re looking for, a business grade machine is worth the long-term investment. These typically start around $850 and up.

We offer the ability to purchase both new and refurbished business grade desktop and laptop computers. Stop into the showroom at 814 Granton, Abercrombie and check out our inventory!

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