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Buying Computers Online? Do some research first!

When purchasing a new computer or laptop, it is a good thing to understand what you are buying.

Sometimes when you are buying online without anyone to help you thorough the buying process, you may not understand what you are buying.

We recently had a customer buy a laptop from a reputable company online. They took it into us at LM Computers with a new hard drive and more RAM to have installed.

Upon removing the back plates on the laptop, we found out that this laptop had a spot for a new hard drive with no actual connectors to plug it in, and only had one RAM slot.

This laptop had a 32 GB Solid State Hard drive (Which is basically a chip).

This customer spoke with where they purchased the laptop to see if they could upgrade it. They sold them a new 500 GB HDD, and an additional 4 GB of memory. Neither could be installed due to the model of the laptop which was purchased. But, they still sold them the upgrades, without checking the proper model information on the laptop.

This laptop model doesn't have any expandable options, unless they use an external hard drive for storage. Luckily, the customer was able to return the newly purchased hard drive and ram for a refund.

Most people use their computers for basics – Saving photos, writing documents, checking email and social media, playing a few Facebook games, and the occasional game of solitaire to pass the time.

An Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM and a 250 GB HDD is usually way more than enough power and storage for handling these tasks, and most computers today have more than this when you buy them. If you are getting into gaming or photo and video editing, you would need more power to help you perform these tasks with ease.

We wanted to share this story with you, because we really felt bad that this happened to a customer. So please remember, if you are looking to buy a new or refurbished computer or laptop, we are always here to help for any questions you may have.

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