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Saving Time with Keyboard Shortcuts

Time. Couldn't we all use some more time do get more things done?

Many of us are very depended on our computers, and we spend a lot of time using them for everyday tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some shortcuts to help us save time as we use our computers?

Like everything in life, there are many ways to complete tasks. On the computer, there are many keyboard shortcuts we can use to cut down the time on certain tasks.

Here are a few shortcuts from Microsoft to get you started:

Windows system key combinations:

F1: Help (Used for finding help on the computer

CTRL+ESC (or the Windows Logo): Open Start menu (Instead of clicking with your mouse)

ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs (Instead of clicking through different open programs and files)

ALT+F4: Quit program (Instead of clicking File, Quit)

SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently (Skip the recycle bin, and delete permanently)

Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

Windows program key combinations

CTRL+C: Copy (Copy items or text when highlighted)

CTRL+X: Cut (cut items or text when highlighted)

CTRL+V: Paste (paste copied text or items)

CTRL+Z: Undo (Made a mistake? Undo it)

CTRL+B: Bold (bolds text when highlighted, or toggles function on and off)

CTRL+U: Underline (underlines text when highlighted, or toggles function on and off)

CTRL+I: Italic (Italicizes text when highlighted, or toggles function on and off)

Microsoft Natural Keyboard keys:

Windows Logo: Start menu

Windows Logo+R: Run dialog box

Windows Logo+M: Minimize all (minimizes all open windows)

SHIFT+Windows Logo+M: Undo minimize all

Windows Logo+F1: Help (Computer help)

Windows Logo+E: Windows Explorer (For looking through folders and seeing drives on computer)

Windows Logo+F: Find files or folders (To search computer for a file)

Windows Logo+D: Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop

Windows Logo+ Pause/Break: System Properties dialog box

Application key: Displays a shortcut menu for the selected item

Now that you are empowered with some great shortcuts, have fun saving time on your daily tasks!

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