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Computer Eats Credit Card

Over the past decade, technology has taken a huge advancement with Apple iPads, Google Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface, customizable eLearning, the list goes on.

Let’s take a visit back to 2003.

Online purchasing was starting to become a popular option: eBay, Amazon, online retailers. Back when MSN was cool to use, Johnny Cash covered Trent Reznors “Hurt”, you would shake it like a Polaroid picture to Outkast’s “Hey Ya” and the late Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes music store.

In the midst of all of this innovation and awesomeness, while I was working at a reputable computer support call center, I received a phone call from a very frustrated individual attempting to complete his first online purchase. Let’s call him Bob.

Max: Thank you for calling customer service, my name is Max, may I have your first name please? Customer: Bob Max: Hi Bob, how may I assist you today? Bob: (frustrated) I am trying to buy something online and ATM won’t take my card! My card is stuck in the ATM slot! I tried to put the card it, it wouldn’t go in, so I took it out and pushed back in to the slot, now it is stuck and my card didn’t work! Max: I’m sorry to hear that Bob, but can I ask you to explain what the ATM slot looks like? (I already knew in my head what happened. Between muting the phone to laugh and gather my breath, I managed to maintain professional ninja like skills on the phone.) Bob: It’s in the front, it has a little light beside it, but it doesn’t come on. There is what looks to be an eject button, but it won’t eject my damn card! It ate my damn card! (Becoming even more frustrated) Max: Really, this sounds serious. Bob I need to ask, have you ever purchased something online before using this slot? (Mute, giggle) Bob: No, this is my first time buying online. I didn’t think it would be this difficult, my buddies at work told me it was easy, I just needed to put my card in online to buy something. Max: Ok, Bob. This slot is the 3.5 floppy drive for the floppy disk. Bob: (Silence) Max: Bob, are you there? Bob: (Laughing uncontrollably). I am such an idiot. (Laughing) You must think I’m a stupid idiot. (Laughing) Well, how do I get the card out? Max: No, Bob I don’t think that. If you were unsure on how the process works, it could happen to anyone. To get the card out, I would recommend that you take it to a local computer shop so you do not damage your card or the computer. Bob: (Laughing harder) Thanks, Max.

3.5 Floppy drives transform computers into an ATM Machine, quite the innovation. It turns out Bob was just ahead of his time. Now you can scan credit cards with devices like Square with your mobile phone.

If this has helped you realize that you know more about technology than you thought, and you had a chuckle please share this post with your Facebook following.


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